The Haagsche Schoolvereeniging Primary School

The HSV primary school was founded in 1901 in the same building that it still occupies in the Nassaulaan.

The school however is very different from those early days (see History). It is now a member of the Foundation of Dutch International Primary Schools (DIPS) with Dutch and International pupils. Learning takes place in both Dutch and English. The school motto is 'Learning Together For The Future'.

The pupils of the Dutch department all live close to the school. The pupils of the International department represent over fifty nationalities. Generally they live in the wider Hague area.

The staff of the Dutch and International departments work closely together to promote integration of Dutch and International students and to stimulate quality education. In the HSV and the Willemspark primary school, all pupils follow the International Primary Curriculum (IPC).

Willemspark Primary School