School foundations like ours, which are responsible for more than one school,
have the legal obligation to set up a GMR (Joint Parent Association).

This group communicates with the Board and Management team and discusses policy for all schools in our Foundation. The issues discussed deal specifically with matters that affect the whole of the organisation,
such as the Budget, Annual Report, School Policies and Personnel issues.

 The members of the current GMR are:


  • Wilma Kletzkine on behalf of teachers HSV International Department
  • Franziska Eckelmans on behalf of parents HSV International Department
  • Patty Burghouwt on behalf of teachers HSV Dutch Department
  • Birgit Le Haen on behalf of parents HSV Dutch Department
  • José Peters on behalf of teachers IVIO
  • Marita van Dam – Vreugdenhil on behalf of parents IVIO
  • Roger Reichrath on behalf of parents Willemspark
  • Elly Nierop on behalf of teachers Willemspark
  • Vacancy teacher Lighthouse Special Education
  • Vacancy parents Lighthouse Special Education
  • Vacancy teachers HOV
  • Vacancy parents HOV


Advisor: Hans van der Vlugt, HSV interim General Director

  Meetings: 28 March 2017, 18 April 2017, 27 June 2017