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                                                         NSL, 2nd June 2017
Dear Colleagues.
Dates for the coming school week:
Mon. 5 June:  2e Pinksterdag/Whit Monday-no school
Tues. 6 June: Bapo: Juf Flora: Juf Sarah Smit lead teacher
                      CD Juf Jenny: Juf Clare in IDR
 Wed. 7 June: Bapo: Juf Flora: Juf Sarah Smit lead teacher
                    Juf Helen and Juf Jill visit TPO School in Nijmegen
                       Juf Cara or Juf Manon in ID3
 Thurs. 8 June: Bapo: Juf Flora: Juf Sarah Smit lead teacher
                         Juf Catherine to POR London: Juf Louise in ID4
                          Juf Sara to POR London: Juf Cara in ID6
   Fri. 9 June: Bapo: Juf Flora: Juf Catherine lead teacher
                        CD Juf Mary Rose: Juf Manon in ID1
                        13.10: ID Assembly
SDU Royal Ten
We were represented in the Royal Ten last Sunday by a number of pupils. We hope next year we will have even more participants.
Weather Station and Rain gauges
Pupils in NA7 with the help of Stijn’s Mum and another lady from TU Delft  checked out our weather station and we've made our own 'regenmeters'.
It was too much fun! 
Games Day
Games day for the younger children was very successful on Wednesday. Thank you to Meester Mark.
BHV Refresher Training
A number of colleagues had BHV refresher training on Tuesday afternoon.
Have a good weekend everybody.
 Flora Dullea and Frans de Jong

                                                                NSL, 19th May 2017

Dear Parents/Carers,

Dates for the coming school week:

Mon. 27 May: CD Juf Jenny: Juf Caroline in IDR

Tues. 28 May:

Wed. 29 May: Bapo Flora; Sarah Smit lead teacher
Revisit photographer

Thurs. 30 May: Ascension/Hemelvaart: No School

Fri. 31 May: No School

New raised planting beds are being laid in the playground. ID2 and NA3 planted fruit and vegetables in the existing beds. They planted courgettes, strawberries, aubergine, red cabbage, beans, tomato plants and corn. Mrs Dean did lots of planting also with a number of classes.

NA8 decorated the hair of all the children in the school today. The children worked really well with all the younger children in school. Super job NA8. Each child paid 2 euros for this. Proceeds will go to the School Charity, the Red Cross.

Poetry Project
A group of NA7 and NA8 pupils have started a 3 part Poetry project. This is offered by Archipel Poesie to us. Today they walked around the Archipel and looked at the Poems on the Wall in the Archipel.

There is a beautiful swan’s nest in the canal near NSL. However the father swan is fiercely protective and has become aggressive. Please take care.

2 HSV Auction Dinner
Tonight is the Auction Dinner at Societeit de Witte. We are looking forward to it. If you cannot attend you know you can bid online for the Art of your children or one of the special items on auction.



Have a lovely weekend everybody,

Flora Dullea and Frans de Jong

                                                                  NSL, 15th May 2017
Dear Parents/Carers,
Dates for the coming school week:
Mon. 15 May:  Juf Jill at Fire Safety Course-Juf Manon in ID3
Tues. 16 May: Raised Gardening Beds being installed in playground
                       NA5 to Museon: 10.45-12.00
Wed. 17 May:   BAPO Juf Flora: Juf Sarah Smit lead teacher
                        ID4 to Museon: 9.15-10.30
Thurs. 18 May: Raised Gardening Beds being installed in playground
 Fri. 19 May: Raised Gardening Beds being installed in playground
                     CRAZY HAIR DAY-2 euros per child
                     CD Juf Jill-Juf Manon in ID3
                    10.00-12.00:  NA7/8 Poetry Workshop
                     19.00: 2HSV Auction Dinner
The Photographer was at school on Monday. He will return on Wednesday 24th May for any retakes.
Visit of Teachers from the European School
A number of Nursery teachers from the European School visited NSL on Monday.
Saudi Arabian Minister for Education
On Tuesday morning the Minister for Education of Saudi Arabia visited our school.
CRAZY Hair Day
On Friday 19th May we will hold Crazy Hair Day for the school Charity, the Red Cross. Children will pay 2 euros to have a CRAZY Hair do.
2HSV Auction
Please go to www.2hsv.nlif you want to bid online for any auction items. If you wish to attend the auction dinner at Societit de Witte there are still some places left.
Have a lovely weekend everyone.
Frans de Jong and Flora Dullea




                                                  NSL, 13th April 2017
Dear Parents/Carers,
Dates for the coming school week:
Mon. 17th April:  Easter Monday/2e Pasdag: No school
Tues. 18th April: IDR, NA1a, trip to Bibliotheek
                          King’s Day Sponsorloop begins
Wed. 19th April: FD and FdJ to ECIS Conference: Juf Sarah Smit lead teacher
                            09.15-10.00: NA6 Exit Point Going Global
Thurs. 20th April: FD and FdJ to ECIS Conference: Juf Sarah Smit lead teacher
 Juf Catherine at Power of Reading in London: Juf Louise in ID4
                             14.00-14.45: ID5 Exit Point Going Global
Fri. 21st April: FD and FdJ to ECIS Conference: Juf Catherine lead teacher
                         King’s Day Sponsorloop
School closes at 15.00 as normal.
Easter Break
Hayun Shin ID4 returned home with first prize in his group from the chess competition last Saturday. Rudraksha Garg in ID4 came fifth and got a medal. Well done Rudraksha and Hayun!
Visit to Mauritshuis
ID4 had a visit to the Mauritshuis with Juf Suzan.
Spring Concert
Children came bounding into school full of energy and enthusiasm for the Spring Concert. We had 20 acts in all including, singing, dance, instrumental pieces and even some gym to music. It was very well attended. It was a beautiful family evening enjoyed by all. Thank you to all the performers and Meester Tom. A word of thanks to NA8 and their Art Teachers, Juf Petra and Juf Mary Rose who prepared a wonderful Art Exhibition of Fur, Fins and Feathers.
To view photos and videos of last night's Spring concert, click here.



 Have a lovely long weekend everybody,
 Flora Dullea and Frans de Jong

                                                       NSL, 07 April 2017
Dear Parents/Carers,
Dates for the coming school week:
Mon. 10 April: CD Juf Jill: Juf Alice in ID3
Tues. 11 April: a.m.: ID4 to Mauritshuis: No DAL lessons
                       ID Open Morning
Wed. 12 April: Bapo Juf Flora: Juf Sarah Smit lead teacher
                         Spring Breakfast, Easter Egg hunt for Early Years
                        18.00-19.30: Spring Concert and Art Exhibition
  Thurs. 13 April:  CD Juf Sara; Juf Louise in ID6
                          CD Juf Mary Rose: No handicrafts
 Fri. 14 April: Good Friday-no school
Educational Visits
ID1 visited the Tram Museum and NA2 visited Louman’s Car museum. ID6 and NA7 had a trip to Corpus in Leiden.
Professional Development
The HCL (Host Country Language) teachers had a Study Day on Tuesday. ID Colleagues had a follow up staff meeting on Power of Reading. Teachers in both departments are very positive about this new Tool we are using.
  Have a lovely week end everybody,
 Flora Dullea and Frans de Jong

                                                                          NSL, 31st March 2017
Dear Parents/Carers,
Dates for the coming school week:
Mon. 3 April:  10.15-12.30: ID1 to Tram Museum
          Juf Catherine curriculum release: Juf Manon in ID4
Tues. 4 April: Management day: Juf Wilma lead teacher
                      Juf Suzan at HCL Day; no Dutch
Wed. 5 April: Bapo Juf Flora; Juf Sarah Smit lead teacher
Thurs. 6 April: 10-11.30: NA7 to Grotemarktstraat (Cultuur)
                         11-12: NA8 to Korzo Theater (Cultuur)
 Fri. 7 April: 13.10: ID Assembly
Preparations for Spring Concert
Pupils are practising very diligently for their performances in the Spring concert. It is great to see them enthusiastic.
IDR Assembly
IDR performed a lovely assembly for NA1, NA2, ID1 and IDR parents. It was about their IPC project Animals. They did percussion to African Music, yoga poses of animals, spoke some Swahili, sang an African song and were simply amazing!
ID6/NA7 debate
ID6 and NA7 displayed strong opinions expressed powerfully when debating some statements related to their IPC topic “Drugs”.
ID2 Science Making glue
Young scientists in ID2 made glue today and glued on some buttons using it to test its strength. Well done!
CLPE centre for Literacy in Primary Education Training
Key Stage 1 (Onderbouw) teachers had a training day on Wednesday by CLPE. They showed how picture books can be used to stimulate storytelling and writing with young children. It was an inspirational course.
Have a lovely weekend everybody.
Kind regards,
Frans de Jong and Flora Dullea

                                                                          NSL, 24th March 2017
Dear Parents/Carers,
Mon. 27th March.:  CD Juf Jenny: Juf Caroline in IDR
                                CD Juf Machaela: Juf Alice in ID5 
              p.m. FD and FdJ to Opening Rivers School Arnhem                
Tues. 28th March: a.m.: ID2 to Mauritshuis
                              ID4/NA5 to Rotterdam Zoo
Wed. 29th March.: No School IDR-ID3/NA1-NA4
            Study Day at NSL 8.15 Start-Inspiring Writing in Key Stage 1
Thurs. 30th March: 15.30: Site Staff Meeting
 Fri. 31st March.: IDR Assembly
Brandweerman in NA6
ID6 had an educational lesson from the Fireman.
ID2/NA3 to Haags Historisch Museum
ID2 and NA3 had a visit to the Haags Historisch Museum and had a walk in the Hague.
Auditions Spring Concert
Meester Tom is auditioning excited children for the Spring concert. This takes place on Wednesday 13th April.
ID2 Assembly-International Poetry Day
On Tuesday 21st March it was International Poetry Day. ID2 pupils read their poems to us at the ID Assembly. Juf Louise treated us to “The Sound Collector” by Roger Mac Gough and “Don’t” by Michael Rosen. We loved these poems.
Have a lovely sunny weekend everybody.
Kind regards,
Frans de Jong and Flora Dullea

                                                                          NSL, 17th March 2017
Dear Parents/Carers,
Dates for the coming school week:
Mon. 20th March.: CD Juf Mary Rose: Juf Kristen in ID1
Tues. 21st March: ID Open Morning
            15.45: Staff Meeting on Budget, New common Docs and Assessment
Wed. 22nd March.:Bapo Juf Flora: Juf Sarah Smit lead teacher
Thurs. 23rd March:
 Fri. 24th March.: CD Juf Jenny: Juf Caroline in IDR
The CPC Run took place on Sunday. A big number of our pupils from School participated in the 1k, 2.5 and 5k. Some teachers, Juf Sarah and Juf Louise particiapated in the 10k. Well done everybody!
Parent Consultation
Parent Consultations seem to have gone well this week
ID6 visited Rijnlands in Oestgeest for a day on Thursday in conjunction with Primary /Secondary transition. They had a great visit.
Filmhuis Den Haag
ID3 and NA4 visited Filmhuis De Haag on Thursday. This is organised with the Cultuur Schakel by Meester Casper.
St Patrick’s Day
Rosa Waters performed a hornpipe in NA1b on Friday morning to mark St Patricks Day. Rhiannon and Croiadh showed the Irish flag.
ID3/NA4 Assembly
ID3 and NA4 performed an Assembly on Friday for all Na1a, 1b and IDR, ID1 and ID2. It was great.
ID4/NA5 Assembly
ID4 and NA5 pupils treated parents to their exit point on Friday. Children were dressed in Egyptian clothing they had made themselves and wore hand made necklaces and bracelets. They informed on many interesting facts about life in Egyptian times. They did a fashion show in combination with some Egyptian Dance.
NA8 Biz World
NA8 had their Biz World Company this week from a parent. They really enjoyed it.
Special project Juf Nicole
Some NA8 pupils and Juf Nicole have finished the outfit for the mannequin based on the Givenchy/Audrey Hepburn exhibition. It looks great.
Have a lovely weekend everybody.
Kind regards,
Frans de Jong and Flora Dullea

                                                                          NSL, 10th March 2017
Dear Parents/Carers,
Sun. 12th March: CPC Run
Mon. 13th March.:  CD Juf Sara: Juf Kristen in ID6
                          NA8 Biz world Project all week
 Tues. 14th March: 15.15-18.30: Parent Consultations
Wed. 15th March.: Bapo Juf Flora, Juf Sarah Smit lead teacher
                           IDR/NA1a/1b to Kooman’s Poppentheater
Thurs. 16th March; Parent Consultations
                           p.m. ID3/NA4 to Filmhuis Den Haag
                           15.15-18.30: Parent Consultations
 Fri. 17th March.:  13.10: ID Assembly
                          ID4/NA5; Exit Point for parents on IPC Topic Archaeology
The CPC Run will take place on Sunday. We look forward to seeing you there.
Bilingual Project
On Wednesday afternoon several colleagues from both departments enjoyed a very interesting lecture in Utrecht about teaching grammar in Bilingual classrooms. It was interesting to hear how after much research, results have shown that the teaching of grammar as a stand alone subject has little or no impact on a student’s grammatical ability and that it is more easily and successfully picked up through listening, speaking and reading in everyday situations.
Going Global ID5/NA6
This week ID5 and NA6 played a fair trade game as part of our IPC topic Going Global. The children had fun in their different roles including poor families growing oranges to survive and market traders buying and selling goods. There were some creative ideas for how they could make more money from the different groups and other groups struggled to survive due to inflation prices and other financial obstacles.
Juf Nicole and ID6 have been busy sewing on Friday. They have made a lovely skirt in the style of Givenchy. You can see it on the mannequin on the middle floor.
Have a lovely weekend everybody.
Kind regards,
Frans de Jong and Flora Dullea

                                                            NSL, 24th February 2017
Dear Parents/Carers,
Dates for the coming school week:
Mon. 06 March.: 
 Tues. 07 March: 13.00: Training new OB Supervisors
                            15.30-17.15: Meeting NA Portal Cool
 Wed. 08 March.:Bapo Juf Flora: Juf Sarah Smit lead teacher
Thurs. 09 March.: 15.30-17.15: Training Cool Portal for ID NSL and KSS
 Fri. 10 March.: 13.10 ID Assembly
School Trips-Transition
ID6 visited the European School Den Haag. They experienced what life is like in Secondary School. They attended some lessons given by Secondary teachers.
ID5 e Mission to Mars
On Monday ID5 NSL and ID5 KSS had Mission to Mars in the Speellokaal at NSL.
Cultural Outings
ID1 and NA2 had a visit to the Gemeentemuseum and ID4 and NA5went to Theater aan het Spui.
Have a lovely week off everybody. We will see you all again on Monday 6th March.
Kind regards,
Frans de Jong and Flora Dullea

                         NSL, 17 February 2017
Dear Parents/Carers,
Dates for the coming school week:
Mon. 20 Feb.:  ID5 E Mission to Mars in Speellokaal
Tues. 21 Feb: Management Study Morning at TWK
                       ID Open Morning-Wilma
                       Am: ID4/NA5 to Theater aan het Spui
                       Am: ID1/NA2 to Gemeentemuseum
 Wed. 22 Feb.:Bapo Juf Flora: Juf Sarah Smit lead teacher
  ID6 visit to ESH European School of the Hague (Transition)
 Thurs. 23 Feb.: a.m. FD to TWK: Juf Catherine lead teacher
 Fri. 24 Feb.: Reports out
                    School closes at 12.30
Mother Tongue Lunch-Spanish
This went really well on Thursday. There were 28 Spanish speaking children and lots of delicious tapas.
ID5 Assembly
ID5 have been reading and enjoying Cosmic this half term. This week we focused on our latest chapter where things start to go wrong in space. They all chose a sentence that showed the dilemma and then chose an appropriate emotion.
This afternoon the class performed this in groups using their tone and body language. The ID audience were impressed with their acting skills.
Educational Visits
ID3 and NA4 visited the Gemeentemuseum. NA3 and ID2 visited Het van Kinderen Museum. They made lovely toys powerd by an electric circuit.
ID Science Staff Development
Science Staff Development
Mt Toby heads the Science workgroup at school. On Thursday afternoon we had a Staff Meeting. In year groups teachers conducted a number of fun experiments. IDR’s task was to make a wormery; did not work as they could not find worms! ID1 teachers made a parachute which worked. ID2 made “Oobleck” which is a solid and a liquid, ID3 did an electrical circuit. Id4 made a Hovercraft. ID5 did some dissolving. ID6 made plastic using milk and vinegar-curds and whey. It was a fun Staff Meeting.
Meeting Overblijf Supervisors
Juf Nicole, Overblijf Coordinator, and Juf Flora met with Overblijf supervisors on Friday. They discussed general good practice during Overblijf time at school.
School’s out at 12.30 on Friday 24th February for the Spring Break week.
Have a lovely weekend everybody.
Kind regards,
Frans de Jong and Flora Dullea

                                                 NSL, 10 February 2017
Dear Parents/Carers,
Dates for the coming week:
Mon. 13 Feb.: CD Juf Catriona: Juf Caroline in ID1
                       a.m. Juf Sarah Smit at KSS-Juf Mary Rose in ID2
                       13.00: FdJ and FD to KSS for JLM
 Tues. 14 Feb: ID3 to Gemeentemuseum
                           PiW Meetings
Wed. 15 Feb.: Bapo Juf Flora: Juf Sarah Smit lead teacher
Thurs. 16 Feb.: Juf Catriona out-Juf Manon in ID1
                           ID2 and ID3 to Het Van Kinderen Museum
                           Spanish Mother Tongue Lunch
                           15.45: ID Staff Meeting Science
Fri. 17 Feb.: 13.00: Lunch Time Supervisors Meeting
                     13.10: ID Assembly


Message from Hans van der Vlugt
Vanaf 1 januari ben ik begonnen als interim bestuurder bij de HSV en ik ben onder de indruk van de wijze waarop de teams inhoud geven aan hun onderwijstaak. Niet alleen werkt alle personeel met veel geestdrift en bevlogenheid, maar de gerichtheid op samenwerking en het van elkaar leren heeft me getroffen. De scholen en afdelingen bruisen van de activiteit en de reacties van leerkrachten zijn hartverwarmend als ik mijn hoofd om de hoek steek om te kijken hoe het met ze gaat. De diversiteit aan onderwijs die binnen de HSV wordt geboden is groot en ik vind het een voorrecht om onderdeel te mogen zijn van jullie organisatie.
Starting January 1st I am interim executive director of HSV and I amimpressed by the way the teams perform and realize the best possible education for our pupils. Not only do I see a lot of enthusiasm and inspiration, but what struck me is the cooperative orientation and the attitude of being willing to learn from each other. The schools and departments burst with activities and the reactions of the teachers are warm and friendly when I visit the classrooms. The educational diversity within HSV is great and I feel privileged to be part of your organisation.

Feel at Home in the Hague
On Sunday many past and present pupils and their families visited the school stand at Feel at Home in the Hague. Some former pupils were represented at the Secondary School stands doing robotics and collecting for War Child.
Visit of Simon Murray, author and illustrator
Author and illustrator Simon Murray delighted the children, young and old, ID and NA this week with his storytelling and live drawing in his initial presentation to joint NA/ID classes.  Icky Doo Dah, his character, is always having fun and making mischief. During the workshops the children later created their own illustration of the Icky Doo Dah character engaged in several of their favourite activities at once. Simon really inspired the oldest pupils with his storytelling and especially the story about illustrating the books of his father. He left some follow up work for teachers to complete with their classes.
Specialist teacher Visit Week
Specialist Teachers had open door classes this week. Many parents took the opportunity to visit the classes of their children and were very appreciative of what they saw. Unfortunately Juf Suzan was ill and is still ill so parents must not come to visit her classes next week.
Internet Safety
Juf Catherine ran an Assembly for ID4, 5 and 6 on Internet safety.
Valentine Disco
A Valentine’s Disco was held on Friday evening in the gym. OAC organised this event along with the Student Council. It was great. Classes who participated were ID5 and ID6, NA6, NA7 and NA8. Parents decorated the gym hall beautifully. The theme was “A splash of Red” and some of the outfits were fabulous. It was fantastic fun for the children. Thanks to colleagues who attended. The DJ was Juf Machaela.
Culture Visit
ID1 and NA2 visited the Koninklijke Schouwburg.
Maths Trail
ID2 went on a Maths rail on Friday and found lots of interesting Mathematics in the environment.
Have a lovely week end everybody.
Kind regards,
Frans de Jong and Flora Dullea

                                                                          NSL, 3 February 2017
Dear Parents/Carers,
Dates for the coming week:
Specialist Teacher Visit Week
Mon. 6 Feb.: CD Juf Machaela: Juf Alice in ID5
                        CD Juf Jenny: Juf Caroline in IDR
                        Juf Sarah to UK: Juf Janine in ID2
                         Juf Jill to UK: Juf Mary Rose in ID3
 Tues. 7 Feb.: CD Juf Machaela: Juf Alice in ID5
                       ID1/NA2 to Koninklijke Schouwburg
                       Author Simon Murray at NSL
 Wed. 8 Feb.: Bapo Juf Flora: Juf Sarah Smit lead teacher
Thurs. 9 Feb.: Juf Catriona out: Juf Manon in ID1
 Fri. 10 Feb.: CD Juf Jill: Juf Alice in ID3
                   13.10: ID Assembly
                    5-7: Valentine Disco: ID5/6, NA6/7 and 8: DJ Machaela
ID5 to Nederlands Dans Theater             
On Tuesday ID5 had a creative and fun time at the Nederlands Dans Theater. They explored different dance moves to express their ideas and the music. Then in groups they worked together to choreograph and perform a routine; the dab was very popular! ID5 were good ambassadors for Nassaulaan.
ID6 pupils visit ISH
ID6 pupils ahd a visit to the ISH on Friday morning as part of the Transition process. They followed a number of mini lessons.
ID5/NA6 to ESA
ID5 and NA6 had a visit to the Space Expo in Noordwijk as they are doing the IPC topic “ Mission to Mars”. 
Professional Development
Teachers from ID Key Stage 2 had a very interesting Study Day on Mathematics at VNS. Kay Wilson and Nick Beattie presented on Mathematics: use of Base 10 in all 4 operations, use of ten frames and use of bar models in Mathematics.
Have a lovely week end everybody.
Kind regards,
Frans de Jong and Flora Dullea

                                                         NSL, 26th January 2017

Dear Colleagues,

Mon. 30 Jan.: CD Juf Sara: Juf Clare in ID6

Tues. 31 Jan..: CD Juf Sara: Juf Clare in ID6
a.m.: ID5 to Ned Dans Theater: no HCL

Wed. 05 Feb.: Study Day KS2 : No school for IDR-ID3, NA1-NA4

Thurs. 02 Feb:.12.30: Student Council Meeting
15.45: Zand Erover Training at VNS

Fri. 03 Feb.: CD Juf Mary Rose
ID5/NA6 to Space Expo
a.m. ID6 to ISH (Transition)

All classes marked the reading aloud days in their classes.

Nederlands Dans Theater
Members of the Nederlands Dans Theater held a workshop in school on Tuesday morning for ID5. ID5 will visit the NDT on Tuesday next.

Professional Development
A number of colleagues attended the NOT Beurs in Utrecht. Some others attended the BETT ICT Exhibition in London.

Have a nice week end everybody.

Kind regards,

Frans de Jong and Flora Dullea

                                                                          NSL, 20th January 2017
Dear Colleagues,
Dates for the coming week:
 Mon. 23 Jan.: a.m. ID2/NA3 to Gemeentemuseum
Tues. 24 Jan.: CD Juf Machaela: Juf Clare K in ID5
                       ID Open Morning
                       9.00-10.00: Ned. Dans Theater in Speellokaal for ID5
                       12.30: Student Council Meeting
 Wed. 25 Jan.: Voorleesdagen begin
                        NOT Exhibition Utrecht
                        BAPO Juf Flora: Sarah Smit lead teacher
Thurs. 26 Jan.:
 Fri. 27 Jan.: Bapo Juf Flora: Juf Catherine lead teacher
                     CD Juf Catriona: Juf Judy in ID1
                     ID6/NA8 pupils to Gemeente Museum to Audrey Hepburn exhibition
                     13.10: ID Assembly
We had 5 HSV-teams on Saturday Jan. 14th 2017 at the Schools Chess Championship of Den Haag.
We are very proud of Hugo, Hugo, Cervaz, Adam and Max (ID4 and NA5) on winning their trophy and second prize.
Team A1 (defending the title, but now a very young team) came 6th.
Topscorers: Hayun Shin and Max van Agt 4,5 pt.
Team B1 scores 5 matchpoints, topscorer Daniel Voortmeijer 3 points.
Kayla Dewata 3points.
Team C1: 3 wins and 4 draws. Topscorer: Hugo Hoogenraad 7 out of 7 and AdamStruggles 4 out of  6.
Team C2: Topscorers: David Bronkhorst 4,5 and Tommie Kempeneers 2,5.
Team C3: Topscorers: Zoe Halpern-Lande and Stan Rasmussen 2 points.
ID6/NA7 Culture Trip Monday 16th January 2016
ID6 and NA7 enjoyed a day full of drama and expression on the theme of Love. They first took part in a drama workshop where they were paired up with a PABO student each. Then using facial expressions and movement composed a short drama piece with their partners using music as an inspiration for their short scene. At the end of the session they learned a fantastic Bollywood dance. After this we went to see a play at the Spui theatre which incorporated some of the elements that the children had learned in the workshops. The day ended with the Bollywood dance with the actors from the stage.
Professional Development
Teachers from Onderbouw and Key Stage 1 looked at the use of Osmo on Thursday afternoon. Osmo is a gaming accessory which fosters social intelligence and creative thinking. Key Stage 2 and Bovenbouw NA colleagues had a talk from Eowyn Crisfield, a consultant on langauge acquisition and bilingualism.
Have a lovely weekend everybody.
Kind regards,
Frans de Jong and Flora Dullea

                                                        NSL, 13th January 2017
Dear Colleagues.
Dates for the coming week:
 Mon. 16 Jan.: CD Juf Jenny: Juf Kristen in IDR
     ID6/NA7 to Cultuur event: Theater aan het Spui (10.30-15.00)
Tues. 17 Jan.: Juf Kristen in IDR
                       Juf Jenny to visit IDR at KSS
Wed. 18 Jan.: Bapo Juf Flora: Juf Sarah Smit lead teacher
Thurs. 19 Jan.: Juf Catherine to London to Power of Reading Course: Juf Louise in ID4
 Fri. 20 Jan.: CD Juf Catherine: Juf Alice in ID4
  c. 9.30: some ID6 and NA8 pupils visit Audrey Hepburn/Givenchy exhibition
                    13.10: ID Assembly
New Executive Director Mr Hans van der Vlugt
HSV colleagues said a fond farewell to Willy Grijze, our Executive Director on Monday 8th. We wish him all the very best on his retirement. An interim Director, Mr Hans van der Vlugt, has been appointed. He paid NSL a visit on Thursday this week.
First Aid Refresher Course
A number of colleagues had refresher First Aid course from Linda O Malley on Tuesday this week. As always Linda explained thoroughly, there was a lot of hands on experience, a practical exam and a written test at the end.
IDR/Na1a/Na1b Shopping
On Wednesday IDR children went on their first school trip.  Our  IPC topic is ‘Shopping’ so we went to Bankastraat to buy some ingredients to make pizzas.  The children were very  well behaved and I was so proud of them.  We enjoyed the experience very much indeed and the children learned so much.  The following day the children made pizzas with their purchases and they tasted delicious.  Na1a and Na1b also had shopping expeditions to the Denneweg. Well done all! Juf Jenny
Have a lovely weekend everybody.
Kind regards,
Frans de Jong and Flora Dullea

                                                                 NSL, 16 December 2016
Dear Parents/Carers,
Dates for the coming week:
 Mon. 19 Dec.: 9.00: Onderbouw Concert: IDR/ID1/NA1a, NA1b, NA2
                         CD Juf Mary Rose
                        Juf Anne Criado doing Christmas Story
Tues. 20 Dec.: 9.00: Concert: ID2/ID3/NA3/NA4
                        15.30-16.45: Festive Dinner
 Wed. 21 Dec..: 8.45: Christmas Concert: ID4/ID5/NA5/NA6
                           Pot Luck Lunch for Staff
 Thurs. 22 Dec..: 8.45: ID6/NA7/NA8 Concert
                           Bapo Juf Flora
                           Decorations down: School closes 12.30
 Fri. 23 Dec..: Holidays!
Festive School
We had a wow moment on Monday morning as we entered the school. The dedicated OAC and helpers had transformed the school into a magical Christmas setting. The gym is now festively decorated for the concerts and festivities of the coming week.
ID5-Container Terminals of the future
Harrys Dad talked to the pupil sin ID5 about his work. He set them the challenge of designing 
“How a Container terminal could work in the future”. He returned and gave prizes for the best ideas. He will present the best ideas at a Conference in Copenhagen in February.
Mark van Damme (NA7) and his Dad Jesper spent 2 sessions this week in ID6 and in ID7 on Coding. Children are very enthusiastic. They will continue with a third session on Monday.
ID5-The Snowman
ID5 wrote and performed their own version of the Snowman. They included Scientific facts, acting, creative dance and technical effects and music. A number of children played instruments.  Parents loved it as did ID1 and ID2. There was Great cooperation and teamwork in the performance.
Juf Jilll’s class performed Roald Dahl’s BFG for us on Friday. They did a wonderful job. Parents got to see it and ID pupils saw it at assembly. NA4 of course saw the reh\earsal.
ID3 and NA4 went to Naturalis as exit point to their dinosaur topic. They plastered all their dinosaurs within a week!!!
Have a good weekend everybody.
Kind regards,
Frans de Jong and Flora Dullea

                                                                          NSL, 9 December 2016
Dear Parents/Carers,
Dates for the coming week:
 Mon. 12 Dec..: School decorated for Christmas by OAC
                        Decorate trees in class
                         CD Juf Machaela-Juf Alice in ID5
Tues. 13 Dec.: ID Open Morning
Wed. 14 Dec..: Bapo Juf Flora, Juf Sarah Smit lead teacher
 Thurs. 15 Dec.: ID3/NA4 to Naturalis
 Fri. 16 Dec.:   CD Juf Catherine: Juf Caroline in ID4
                        13.10: ID Assembly ID3
Sinterklaas celebration
Our Sinterklaas celebration was fantastic at NSL. Sinterklaas arrived in a Tuk Tuk along with four Pieten. Following a greeting in the school playground Sint went from class to class delivering presents to the younger children. The older children did surprises. Thank you to all the hard work of the Onderbouw and the OAC (Parent Activity Commission). The cooperation and spirit was great. The children loved it.
Parent help in ID4
Florian’s Dad came to ID4 to work on Robotics, cogs and wheels in conjunction with the IPC topic Inventions.
ID4/NA5 Ice Skating
ID4 and NA5 went ice skating to Uithof. They had great fun and all returned safely to school.
Have a good weekend everybody.
Kind regards,
Frans de Jong and Flora Dullea